If our voices are blessings
Why do we send cryptic messages
By laws of strange patterns
From the corners of our minds?
Out of reach for our eyes
But not quite lies
Just a cover
A poem for our lover
A song masked in wonder leaves me wondering why
Why do we play these games?
Why do we raise our frames?
The very structure isn’t sound
I said it, so let it resound
Through the cracked and jaded bones
While I’m waiting for my throne
I’m not there yet
Just a sec
Just one more moment and I’ll make it
But the seat remains untaken
Still today
Why couldn’t I speak clearly?
I paid my taxes yearly
I’m afraid
I can’t jump off the ground to speak
So my future’s just as bleak
As yesterday
I try to figure out a way to project my voice up from the ground
And you hardly hear a sound
I’ve gotta jump
I’m a lazy useless lump
I’m a shell of person until I realize my vision
Let me speak with precision
And I’m up
I’m up and I won’t come down
It’s an aluminum foil crown
I’ll speak my mind
I’m not the queen of words unspoken
I’m the queen of words unheard
Today I’ll learn.

Today I’ll learn.

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