Love Thy Neighbor

I left at the unintentional stroke of a sword

It was evening, and I was on my knees, speaking with the lord

There was a clamor behind my back

I didn’t turn at first, for it wasn’t rare

And I was far too immersed in my prayer

Two drunks in that bar, note, the bar was mine

They were fighting for love, or for lust, or for wine

Unholy, I muttered, those ungrateful swine

Then one drew his weapon, swung it straight in a line

You recall he was drunk, so all lines were blurred

Like his his vision

I did not speak, he did not swing with precision

God looked on in derision

“Love thy neighbor,” he spoke

Yes, I heard God talk

Suddenly, I could no longer walk

I could not get off of my knees, you see

And that’s how they found me

The drunks were gone, and there lay I

My body consumed, for it was my time to die.


You’re running
She’s cunning
There’s nowhere to go but up
You’re fighting
She’s screaming
You’re digging into bedrock
Mom doesn’t want you home
But there’s nowhere else to go
So you’re gone
Until two months ago
The day that you called me and told me
I was angry
Simple as that
The kind of rage that could hold me at a distance
Far away
I swore, I swore that’s where I would stay
And I’m not one to break my promises
So here I am today
I’m wearing black
The kind of black that’s vast and will block my view
I’m crying again
The kind of tears that are there when the day is through
I’m calling
I’m screaming
Mom’s begging me to stop
I’m running
She’s coming
There’s nowhere to go but up.