Touch Land

When she walked into my life
She walked with purpose and poise
Her tongue was like a knife
And it cut through all the noise
Drowned out all the static
Took me up to the attic
And threw me out the window

I landed on a boat with a broken arm
She cut the grounding rope and said she’d do me no harm
Though I could hardly see the shore once were out at sea
I swore I saw my family, calling to me

I learned to be a sailor with a thicker skin
Who braved great storms and greater sin
But one thing I couldn’t drive from my head
Was that when I next touched land, I’d surely be dead

She held me on our ship so long I closed my eyes
And when I did, my whole life was my own design
In my head I couldn’t feel the chains on my wrists
Or the sting on my cheek where her fingernails hit

One day I closed my eyes so hard that I saw stars
And I saw a ship that was mine, not ours
So my heart told me that I should sail way up high
And in my very own ship, I reached the sky

The clouds are much more solid than they seem
And if you close your eyes too long, maybe it isn’t really a dream.

One thought on “Touch Land”

  1. I read this one to Jasper and he made strange cat faces. Either he loved it or he was begging for treats. I loved it. It was so strong. There’s no accounting for cat taste.

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