God Made

A woman’s body is not

A sacred temple

It is not a

Or a beautiful mountain range of curves

But it is God’s work

God made that body the way it is

And within that body God put

The woman

The Lord did not give that body

To a man

Because He made that body

For the woman

God made atoms, too

And God made acorns

And saplings

And trees

And cells

But He did not say that a tree and a sapling were the same

Nor a sapling and a tree

If a sapling were a tree

We Would Call It That

One cell, two cells,

Three cells, whose cells?

This bundle of atoms is Not A Baby

And the heart that beats

Beats with a woman’s blood

Not a child’s

Did you hear me?

Are we loud enough yet?

God’s breath is in our lungs

(Not our uterus)

God’s breath leaves no work undone.

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