Your Slice

There’s agony in my eye
Tonight I watched a friend die
Not her body, just her soul
I only wanted to be whole

Meanwhile, you smile
Somewhere around the world
Across of an expanse of miles
While the basis of her brain unfurled

The tightly wound wires tucked neatly in her head
Unravelled by the final straw, something that I said
Is it right to call her friend, in this quietly catastrophic end?
Through the waters of grief pooling at my toes
Pouring down my cheeks, past my lips and my nose

My slice of the world is crumbling
Your slice remains untouched
In mine the sky comes tumbling
It doesn’t affect yours much

How is it that when I placed the straw, and the walls came crashing down
In your slice across the world, you hardly heard a sound?

2 thoughts on “Your Slice”

  1. I love this one, Sid. It’s sad, but deep. And after reading it the first time, there are a couple of lines that keep repeating themselves in my head.

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